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5 hours ago

Need advice!

Marian from Strandon

Hi everyone - I just moved and bought a second hand Fischer&Paykel fridge/freezer from treasure trove but the thing keeps beeping at me. It would beep 3x every minute then after 4/5minutes it beeps continuously.
I’m a newbie when it comes to whiteware but do you think this would be because it’s cooling down or do you think it might be an electrical error?
Thanks in advance!

8 hours ago

Missing dog

Bonnie from Westown

Rexus is missing from hurdon end of tukapa was last seen on cctv on horne st

1 day ago

What's On: New Plymouth Genealogy Branch

Jill from Merrilands

You are welcome to join our visit to the Okato Historical Society. Those who wish to car pool, meet in the car park outside the NP Genealogy Rooms at 6.45pm.
New Plymouth Genealogy Branch
  • Okato & District Historical Society