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7 hours ago

What do you know about the internet?

Stuff Fibre

We may use it everyday, but not all of us are fully clued on to how it all works. The internet has connected us to the entire world, but do we know how we get there and what to look out for?

The third and final Great Internet Survey aims to find out how much New Zealanders know about the internet. Be in to WIN 1 of 4 $50 Prezzy cards for your participation!
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1 day ago

Rental Required

Graeme from Frankleigh Park

Active retired couple looking for Rental Dec /Jan start, for more information please ph 0284167636

14 hours ago

What is with Pedestrians at traffic lights

Kathy from Spotswood

Twice in a week I have seen a near miss at traffic lights where pedestrians run across the road against the traffic lights. First one I nearly hit the guy. there was a truck in the RH lane blocking my view and on the green light I went. all of a sudden this guy runs in from of my car. He had 4 lanes to cross and I was in the last lane relying on the traffic lights to give me the go ahead. Then tonight I saw 3 joggers run across in front of a car that had no way of seeing them due to other traffic blocking his view. Once again he had a green light and was in the fourth lane of 4. My heart went in my mouth as I was it all unfold and there was nothing I could do. Thankfully the driver had awesome brakes. Come on people, Your safety is your responsibility