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Friday 5 April is Gumboot Friday. WEAR YOURS!

Exceed - we fix windows & doors

Hi Neighbours,

Exceed supports mental health awareness in NZ and is getting behind Mike King’s – I Am Hope gumboot challenge.

Wear your gumboots this Friday 5th April 2019. Upload a photo of yourself wearing your gumboots to your Facebook using #exceedgumbootchallenge and tag our FB page @exceedfranchising. We will donate $1.00 to the GumbootUpNZ for every photo received (capped at $2,000.00 total donation).

Alternatively, you can donate directly to the Gumboot Friday Kiwibank Account via internet banking. Simply log into your internet banking and as a payee. You'll find the bank account in the “company” list by searching for “Gumboot Friday Appeal” or “I Am Hope”. Alternatively, you can make a donation in person at your local Kiwibank and PostShop branch.


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11 days ago

Fix our ROADS

Karl from Spotswood

Can anyone tell me when the NPDC is going “FIX OUR ROADS” Especially on the truck routes!
While driving around my little town, I notice streets with sections full of roadwork signs and cones, but there’s no apparent work being done so why are these road cones and signs left behind. Then there’s potholes with no signage or cones.
And can someone please let me know what is happening with the stadium?

1 hour ago

Mental Health Awareness Week starts today! 💜🌿

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Together let's explore our way to well-being because when it's strong, our whānau, communities and Aotearoa can flourish too.

#NSNZmentalhealth #MHAWNZ

3 hours ago

Poll: How has your Rugby World Cup streaming experience been?

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours, have you been enjoying the Rugby World Cup - or has your Spark Sport stream let you down?

The rest of Rugby World Cup tournament should stream "perfectly", Spark says, after thousands of rugby fans were let down by streaming of the All Blacks' first match.

To read more, click here.

How has your Rugby World Cup streaming experience been?
  • 34% Perfect - I had no issues
    34% Complete
  • 34.7% Not the best
    34.7% Complete
  • 31.3% Absolutely horrible
    31.3% Complete
147 votes