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Carol from Lynmouth - Moturoa

WHAT is WRONG with our Government, WHY are we not checking everyone COMING INTO our country for this CORONAVIRUS ??? Wouldn't it be more logical to stop it BEFORE it gets here in mass??? Putting a bandaid on a gushing wound is nothing less than negligent, so our hospitals are preparing for an outbreak here!!! why not try to minimise it in the first instance ??? Tell that to your loved ones, who may get very sick or die from this !!! watch this, they had a simulation called EVENT 201 of this virus and the projected outcome in October 18 2019 - www.youtube.com...

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Maths Problem

NumberWorks'nWords New Plymouth

Can your 10 year old do this problem?

19 hours ago

Reliable lawn mowing and garden care services

Gina from Welbourn

I have tried 4 different people over the last 2 weeks to come and give me a quote for doing my lawns edges and hedges (only 6 monthly for the hedges). 3 people haven't returned my phone calls, 1 said he would come and give a quote and didn't show up, phone or text me to let me know he wouldn't. Can anyone suggest someone reliable that WINZ can pay. I need an urgent quote as I have a meeting with them tomorrow at 12pm.

Help Please!!!!