31 days ago

Illegal parking across foot paths

Charles from Lynmouth - Moturoa

It might seem minor for able bodied people but parking across and effectively blocking foot paths is illegal. This affects people with mobility issues in particular. Please ensure you keep these clear so people in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers etc. can easily navigate their neighbourhood.

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26 days ago

Giant Spear Lily flowering rosette

Jodi from HandyGirls Property Maintenance

The amazing flowering Australian Giant Spear Lily.. flowers once every 13 years. Listed as A listed vulnerable plant species in Aus. Lucky enough to have one in my garden flowering now! The flower stalk gets up to 12 foot in length! Native of Queensland and NSW. Seems to love Taranaki. Scientific name Doryanthes Palmeri.

3 days ago

What's On: Pukekura Park Historical Guided Walks

Alan from Merrilands

Operated by "Friends of Pukekura Park" Approximately 5km. Up to 2 hours duration. Moderate fitness required. Good walking shoes advised. Dates and times by arrangement. $10/person. Call: 0210493809 (booking essential)
Pukekura Park Historical Guided Walks
  • Pukekura Park
6 hours ago

What's On: Music Fun Day

Jocelyn from Waitara

Christmas Fun Day for everyone, Open Mic concert with guests, over 30 prizes, Raffles, eftpos , activity table for children, Mystery auctions, Batons Up, spot prizes, food, drinks available. 0276939233
Music Fun Day
  • Senior Citizens Hall