49 days ago

Water fluoridation - NP District Council

Charles from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Fluoridation as far as I am aware was removed from the NP water supply without consultation several years ago. According to our dentists and other health professionals this has caused a dental decay epidemic. Not unexpected in my opinion. With the Council elections upon us once again would all intending candidates please state their stance on this issue.

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11 days ago

Roundup spraying in parks and reserves.

Hez from Brooklands - Vogeltown

Perhaps the council could consider signs at park entrances before spraying herbicides in future. The spray operators wear masks, but people and dogs can't, and the areas could be avoided if they were alerted. Today large areas were sprayed, there was a strong odour, and roundup could be a carcinogen. Please, council? What do others think?

11 days ago

What's On: cooking class

Nelum from Whalers Gate

Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai Cooking Classes One night class on Tuesday 3rd September. Making curry powder and more. Nelum kkg@xtra.co.nz 021 08175882, 067513547
cooking class
  • New Plymouth
19 hours ago

Pet Diamonds

Kara Northcott from Heart In Diamond

Best friends are forever - no matter if they speak, bark or purr.