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8 hours ago

Wandering cat

Sue from Frankleigh Park

Neighbours,who owns a black fluffy cat ,very cunning I have put up a door barrier which is high so my cat can’t jump it,but this one can and has, eaten my cats food and left it’s presence behind, if I catch it it won’t see the next day,hopefully someone knows who it belongs to, and I also know that cats do wander so not sure if it lives close handy to Brois Street and surrounding areas.

10 hours ago

What's On: Candidates Candid 2020 Climate Debate

Stuart from Westown

Candidates for Parliament present their solutions for the 2020 climate emergency. Co-hosts NPDC Counsellor Anneka Carlson and Urs Signer will pose questions and help audience rate candidate responses.
Candidates Candid 2020 Climate Debate
  • Community House
8 hours ago

Student Stars Concert postponed

Chris Beath from Taranaki Symphony Orchestra

Unfortunately as we are in level 2 COVID lockdown we are unable to hold the concert scheduled for this Sunday 16th. This is a huge disappointment to our 12 Stars who have been practising for this for months and was originally going to be held in April.
But we are now planning on rescheduling this to September in the hope that we will be back into level 1 by then.
As soon as we have a confirmed date we'll update this posting.