117 days ago

Tahi hopeful sightings but nothing confirmed

Hazel from Bell Block

Hi all,

I’ve done another round of Tahi flyers and have had a couple of reported sightings matching his description, both in a similar vicinity/area close-ish to home,so I’m doing a lot of scent trails between there and home and going out biscuit tin shaking and calling around sunset each night (yes,that crazy lady rubbing her feet and hand on trees in the walkway is me!)

I’ll keep you posted, I’ve had a few of these now and all ruled out once the cat has showed itself so not getting my hopes up (having to really push those hope barriers these last few days)….

Also a possible in dolphin place,so all paws crossed.

Please keep Tahi in mind and fresh in your posts xxxxxxxxx (9 lives)

Thank you 🙏🏼

PS: also please note typo on posters (attached) his weight at last vet check was *3*.75, not 4 😔 …. It doesn’t give him much back-up 😣”

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1 day ago

Local politician contact

Charles from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Has anybody ever heard from our local MP. I have tried to make contact by email twice in past year and have never had a reply. Would be glad to hear of other peoples experiences.

4 hours ago

What's On: Lunchtime Concerts at Whiteley

Chris from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Music Groups from Sacred Heart Girls' College led by Raewyn Hunter will perform a number of musical items. Bring friends and family and enjoy some lovely music.
Lunchtime Concerts at Whiteley
  • Whiteley Memorial Church
4 hours ago

Drape cleaning.

Carol from Glen Avon - Waiwhakaiho

Does anyone have any information as to the best place to get drapes cleaned please.