35 days ago


Carol from Lynmouth - Moturoa

WHAT is WRONG with our Government, WHY are we not checking everyone COMING INTO our country for this CORONAVIRUS ??? Wouldn't it be more logical to stop it BEFORE it gets here in mass??? Putting a bandaid on a gushing wound is nothing less than negligent, so our hospitals are preparing for an outbreak here!!! why not try to minimise it in the first instance ??? Tell that to your loved ones, who may get very sick or die from this !!! watch this, they had a simulation called EVENT 201 of this virus and the projected outcome in October 18 2019 - www.youtube.com...

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11 minutes ago

What's On: Mokau Market Pop-Up Shop

Heidi from Mokau

Local Art and Craft Pop-Up Shop and Bone Carving Symposium. Easter Weekend. Open Mon - Fri Daily 9am - 5pm. Eftpos. Mokau Community Hall
Mokau Market Pop-Up Shop
  • Mokau Community Hall
1 hour ago

TV technician

Helen from Merrilands

I have a Smart TV and as of yesterday; wifi, but I can't seem to access the netflix, tvondemand etc apps as I was able to in my previous home. The tv is connected to a skybox arial which only allows me access to tv stations. Can anyone recommend someone to assist please?