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30 minutes ago

It is that time of year!

NumberWorks'nWords New Plymouth

We hope at this time of year you are getting close to having a break and a well deserved holiday.

5 hours ago

By sharing your light you light the way for others.

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Tis the season... let's help make other's holidays more merry and bright.


11 hours ago

Poll: Are you prepared for an eruption?

Matt Rilkoff Reporter from Taranaki Daily News

Mt Taranaki is overdue for an eruption. Are you prepared with an emergency kit and plan of escape if the worst happens?

Are you prepared for an eruption?
  • 22.6% Yes - we've got enough water and food for three days and know exactly what we'll
    22.6% Complete
  • 48.4% No - there will be plenty of warning. No need to panic.
    48.4% Complete
  • 29% No - Mt Taranaki is not going to erupt!
    29% Complete
31 votes