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4 hours ago

What is with Pedestrians at traffic lights

Kathy from Spotswood

Twice in a week I have seen a near miss at traffic lights where pedestrians run across the road against the traffic lights. First one I nearly hit the guy. there was a truck in the RH lane blocking my view and on the green light I went. all of a sudden this guy runs in from of my car. He had 4 lanes to cross and I was in the last lane relying on the traffic lights to give me the go ahead. Then tonight I saw 3 joggers run across in front of a car that had no way of seeing them due to other traffic blocking his view. Once again he had a green light and was in the fourth lane of 4. My heart went in my mouth as I was it all unfold and there was nothing I could do. Thankfully the driver had awesome brakes. Come on people, Your safety is your responsibility

6 hours ago

Public notice

Stefanie from Merrilands

I received this email today and am wondering if anyone would like to respond.


My name is Bobby Inman and I am an American living in Plymouth England. I am helping with an art display in preparation for the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing from this city to the New World. A local art center is hoping to recieve and display a collection of as many postcards as possible from every community worldwide named Plymouth and I thought maybe you and your shop would be interested in taking part. We hope the art community will be a vital heart of this exhibit. If our dreams came true we would receive a postcard from every person in every Plymouth, each with their own unique stories and depictions.

An official brief will be released soon and will it go into much more detail, but basically we are asking for any postcard types, commercial or handmade. We would like the picture to either be of the city itself or something related to the Plymouths they come from. We are encouraging drawings, paintings, collages or any other medium for handmade cards, and truth be told would prefer those to store bought ones. We are hoping the inscriptions will include a wide range of entries, from stories of personal connection to poems or whatever the Mayflower story invokes in people’s minds. We will be providing links to websites with templates to make your own cards, but there are plenty out there that are easily searchable.

This is a small community project and we are a team of just a couple of people who simply share an interest in human connection.

We are officially connected to the Mayflower 400 commemoration through the Vital Sparks initiative and further details can be found on their respective websites.

If you would like to be involved email for further details
Thank you for your time.

7 hours ago

Join the Beaurepaires Club Today!

Anna Smith from Beaurepaires New Plymouth

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