130 days ago

Touring the USA and following the Music - where to guide.

Carole Garnham from Go4iT Travel - Carole Garnham

Let music be the map that directs your travels. From the midwest melodies of Motown in Detroit to the East Coast tunes of Philly, New York and Boston, it’s time to turn up the volume, wind down the windows and hit the road.

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3 days ago

ROAD WORKS. When will they be fixed!

Karl J from Spotswood

So i see our roads still aint getting fixed even with new council members.
Lots of orange cones and orange sticks bolted to the road and at intersections, why? is this how fix our problems with oragne cones as band aids?
yet the council can buy buildings to preserve but preserve our roads.
Not proud of my town or council.

2 days ago


Colleen from Westown

Lots of stalls. Produce, Baking, Craft etc your last minute shopping. To many great items to list. Come and join us. SEE YOU THERE.
  • NP Baptist Church
6 hours ago

Help people in the Pacific threatened by measles outbreaks

The Team from New Zealand Red Cross

Right now in the Pacific there is a life-threatening measles outbreak, and children are most at risk.
Outbreaks have been declared in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Thousands of people have been affected, and many thousands more are at risk as health authorities and medical professionals race to prevent the spread and impact of this disease.
Red Cross volunteers are working closely with Ministries of Health to support both response and prevention activities. Hundreds of people have already visited the mobile vaccination site at Samoa Red Cross.

You can help too. Donate to the Pacific Disaster Fund now to support this emergency response.