65 days ago

What's On: U3A General Meeting

Sarah from Brooklands - Vogeltown

Charlotte Littlewood, a local regional councillor with several other governance roles, will talk on "Looking forward to Taranaki in 2050". All welcome, both visitors and U3A members. Afternoon tea follows.
U3A General Meeting
  • Brooklands Church
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7 hours ago


NumberWorks'nWords New Plymouth

An oxymoron has the effect of creating an impression, enhancing a concept, and even entertaining the reader. Can you think of another example of an oxymoron?

4 days ago

People who leave animals to suffer and die

Wendy from Inglewood

Whoever is the gutless idiot who did this should be ashamed.
Taped in a box and left to die behind Bell block Hall,poor chickens

9 hours ago

Wanting A House To Rent

Alaina from Brooklands - Vogeltown

Small family in need of a house/unit/flat anything other than a room to rent soon as possible we are currently in egmont eco lodge and is not suitable for me & kids and being here for this long we are stuck in 1 room for 3 of us no space at all untill the government gets off there backside to help us get into something more suitable untill then not moving forward any help much appreciated contact me 0273410087 thankyou