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Holiday in NZ


Need a break? Live more with less energy. Explore our NZ paradise, and enjoy a low-carbon holiday. Find out more

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Back Pain?


Then come see the new Teeter X3 inversion table.

We have been travelling the country every year, showing people who have had serious long term back or neck pain how to finally sort it and keep it sorted.

We will be at the New Plymouth Bridge Club in Hobson street on Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th July from 10 until 4, at the one and only Back Pain Expo in Taranaki this year.No appointment needed, just show up and we will give you a free treatment and show you how it all works.

If you are like a lot of people who have given up and just decided to live with it then especially come along because these really work.
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2 days ago

Need to build up your immunity?

Sheryl from Inglewood

My little wearable device Healy has the ability to detect where your frequency is weakened and then can transmit the balancing frequency! How cool is that - what to try it out? Give me a call or check out my Facebook page. Hear from you soon.