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Window door repairs

Karl from rejuvenate fixations


(Please note picture for attn)

We can fix draughty windows and doors that don’t seal properly.
This time of year it’s important to seal out the cold air from outside to maintain the heat inside our homes, we are offering with every window stay replacement WE WILL REPLACE THE SEALS FOR FREE!! We comply with the healthy homes agreement. Warmer dryer homes 🌞

We also do all window door maintenance, sliding door wheels, locks, hinges and handles. check to eliminate draughty windows, look at the top of the window, if you can fit a card (one of our business cards work best😉) or just a eftpos card this could mean that the stays that holds the window in is not sealing properly, and handles are pulling the window in tightly, We want to help😀, get in on this deal..

For a free quote
Email: rejunenationfixations@gmail
Ph Karl 02102738337

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1 day ago

Maori Wards

Trevor from Richmond

I see that the Nelson City Council and Mayor have decided to establish a Maori Ward rather than choose democracy. The choice to establish a Maori Ward was soundly defeated in the recent democratic referendum intitiated by Nelson ratepayers. Of course the government has now put a stop to ratepayer's democratic rights in this regard. However, Nelson ratepayers need to know that their council's decision can be reversed.
Tasman District Council ratepayers need to know that the establishment of Maori Wards is an OPTION, and should let Mayor Tim King and councillors know their views. Local Government NZ has recommended to all councils (Nelson CIty Council couldn't have got the message!!!) that they survey their ratepayers to act on behalf of ALL ratepayers, and get a mandate for their decision on Maori Wards.

1 day ago

The SPCA sheep are no longer under the watchful eye of Zeto the alpaca.

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Zeto was a common sighting while driving over Waimea Rd between Bishopdale and Stoke, but after more than 10 years of guarding his flock he has gone to the big paddock in the sky. After discovering Zeto had cancer, he was put down last month. He will be remembered by the team as quite a character. Did you spot him in the SPCA paddock?

1 day ago

Warm welcome to Competenz!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We're very excited to announce Competenz as our new Neighbourly partner. Competenz is an Industry Training Organisation and helps people develop their skills on the job.

We truly believe in the work they do to help people gain apprenticeships, build their skills and work alongside New Zealand businesses.

Please join us in welcoming Competenz and stay tuned for job listings and other exciting content!
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