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Poll: Do you agree with the government's proposed changes to NMIT?

Tim Newman Reporter from The Nelson Mail

On Thursday the government announced they would be bringing New Zealand's 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics together to operate as a single national campus network.


Do you think this will be a positive or negative change for Nelson and NMIT?

Vote in the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Do you agree with the government's proposed changes to NMIT?
  • 33.3% Yes - it will give students more education opportunities
    33.3% Complete
  • 63.5% No - NMIT will lose too much of its regional autonomy
    63.5% Complete
  • 3.2% It's more complicated than that - I'll let you know in the comments
    3.2% Complete
63 votes
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Liesl from Richmond

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THE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL IS ON TOMORROW – Sunday 22nd Sept. – 11.30am to 3.00pm.

Mel from Stepneyville

You will be pleased to learn the Cherry Blossom Festival is on tomorrow at Miyazu Gardens & marks the 17th anniversary of the Festival being held in Nelson.
This is our special Springtime Celebration and exposure to Japanese culture, food, music and dance – it’s a celebration, of the gift of the Cherry Blossom Tree and the arrival of spring. In Japanese Culture the cherry blossom is a symbol of the beauty and the transience of life.
This is a great event, it provides a wonderful opportunity, for us all, to come together & to better understand the people who contribute to the diversity of our city. This is a free, happy, family event.