52 days ago

UNKNOWN PAYER - pxp*lybill.com

Nina from Stoke

I have a payment on my statement... I do not know what it is for. So asking anyone who would have an idea: It is an Internet Banking payment made with my card. pxp*lybill.com. Does anyone know what company it is for? It is not Amazon, AliExpress, Trademe, Ebay, or any of the shopping sites - or is it? The bank does not have any more information than I do. Help would be appreciated.

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1 hour ago

Screening vs testing

Stephanie Gray from Nelson Marlborough Health

Wondering why you didn’t get tested when you went to a community-based assessment centre (CBAC)? When you see a clinician at a CBAC they’ll ask ‘screening’ questions to determine whether you need to be tested. So you will be seen, screened and given advice. But you might not always be tested.
Our website has some more info about this.

1 hour ago

Use official news sources

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The effect of misinformation, myths and gossip can be stopped in its tracks if we all use official news sources. Myths can often be difficult to spot, so we encourage you to only use official news sources at this time https://covid19.govt.nz/.