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5G what is it?

James from Stoke

Get the latest scientific position on the health effects of wireless radiation and 5G from world expert, Professor Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski.
Prof. Dariusz is a highly regarded expert, a member of the IARC advisory committee whose report resulted in electromagnetic radiation being classified as a Class 2B carcinogen in 2011.
Dariusz will be speaking in Nelson on Thursday 29 Nov 2019. 7pm at Suter Theatre, Nelson.
$20 gets you the opportunity to get the facts from a leader in science.
Buy tickets online.

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3 days ago

Poll: Should children take their own laptops to school?

Katy Jones Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Some high schools have made it a requirement for students to take their own devices into school. Recommended laptops range from around $600 to $1300. Do you think this is the right move?

Should children take their own laptops to school?
  • 27.7% Yes - I will explain in comments
    27.7% Complete
  • 72.3% No - I will explain in comments
    72.3% Complete
65 votes
8 days ago

Where's the perfect ice cream scoop in the Nelson region?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Summer is the perfect time for an ice cream on a cone from the local dairy, because it is true that ice cream DOES make you happy. But where you do get the best ice cream scoops? Some places give the perfect serving size while others get stingy on a scoop. Reply with your top pick for ice cream in the Nelson region, and your favourite flavour.

10 hours ago

Hasn't come home

Angie from Tahunanui

Hi has anyone seen my furbaby, he hasn't come home since last night, maybe locked in someone's garage/shed?? I live on Tosswill road number 72a. Please flick me a message if he's been seen.

Thank you 🙏