31 days ago

Fireworks Saturday night

Bruce from Richmond

Hello does anyone know who was putting on the big fireworks display around Saxton area of Stoke last night about 9.15pm?

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4 hours ago

Widening of the footpath in Seymour Ave.

Mick from The Brook

In Seymour Avenue we get hundreds of cross country bikers travelling
along the street each week. Now the council have decided to widen the footpath to allow bikers access to a pedestrian footpath.
I believe this is very dangerous - accidents waiting to happen.
there is a difference between cyclists and bikers.
What do people on the tree side of the street think about this situation ?

2 hours ago

Outdoor space rent relief for businesses under hardship

Skara Bohny Reporter from The Nelson Mail

If hospitality outlets or street stalls can show they're under financial hardship thanks to Covid can apply to the council for an up-to 100% waiver of their outdoor licencing/renting fees from the council. Fair enough or unfair handout?

6 hours ago

In Store Special

The Team from Red Cross Shop Vanguard St

Women’s and Men’s Pants and Shoes half price this week!