55 days ago

Southern Link Inland Route Option

Alan from Nelson South

The cost of maintaining and repairing Rocks Road is currently met by the government through NZTA funding. Moving SH6 from there will mean that any future costs for repairing and maintaining this route will be met by Nelson City Council ratepayers. This will likely bring a large increase in their annual rates, and of course rents for those renting. Let all those supporting the Inland Route Southern Link option declare which local council they pay rates to, and that they support any rates increase for Nelson residents so we can see how vested their support really is. I would also invite Nick Smith’s comments on New Zealand being a signatory to a United Nations Treaty on Environmental Protection that prohibits moving a source of pollution from one urban population to another, which the Southern Link proposal would certainly do. Is he aware of this and is he advocating that New Zealand pull out of this treaty?

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6 hours ago

Green Gables Open Home This Weekend

Oceania Healthcare

We are delighted to announce that Green Gables will be opening its doors for our very first open home this weekend and we would love to show you around. You will not only be able to view our beautiful Care Suites, but you can discover how Green Gables is bringing the future of aged care to Nelson.

Join us either Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th September with presentations and tours on the hour starting from 10am, with the last presentation at 2pm. Our retirement village and show apartment will also be open to view from 10am till 3pm.
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Thinking about a website? Bit nervous?

Jean from I'm Online!

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Hair cut

Jordan from Tahunanui

Cheapest but also best place to get a haircut in nelson?