36 days ago

Are you outraged that the Avatar crew are here?

Jean from Tahunanui

I am outraged that the Minister for Economic Development has used a little-known loophole to allow the 56 movie crew for Avatar to enter New Zealand, while we are all patiently and quietly enduring lockdown to keep us all in New Zealand, safe. Why on earth are there 2 rules here? This is worse than Cummings breaking the lockdown rules in the UK- this is 56 people breaking the lockdown rules! .
And the crew have apparently flown in from LA, one of the current coronavirus hotspots in the US.
And... get this! The producer says, "We're feeling very comfortable coming to the safest place in the world". Well - it WAS the safest place...
Does anyone know of a petition about this please? I have emailed our Prime Minister at jacinda.ardern@parliament.govt.nz

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Ask an expert: get answers to your DIY questions

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, have you had a DIY disaster you need to fix or are you keen to tackle some home improvements but don't know where to start? Well, help is at hand.

Send us your questions about your DIY or decorating dilemmas, including photos if you can, and we'll ask an expert for their advice on where to start with your project, any tips and tricks they can share to help you get a great finish - or how you can fix things up if they've already gone wrong! Click here to submit your questions, or email us at homed@stuff.co.nz.

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Residents meet to oppose Maitai subdivision

Tony from Maitai

At a meeting on Tuesday evening 60 locals formed The Campaign to Save the Matai-Kaka Valley in response to a proposal to build 5-600 homes in the Maitai Valley.

The group spokesman Tony Haddon said everyone attending was concerned that the development proposed by a consortium of Nelson building and construction companies and local iwi Ngati Koata would destroy the Maitai’s natural ambience.

The Maitai was the lungs of Nelson. The prospect of this huge development has raised the ire of Nelson residents wanting to keep the valley as an unspoiled recreation area, Mr Haddon said.

“Hundreds of people flocked to the valley every day to enjoy walking, bike riding, picnicking, family games and swimming. This development would stain those activities with noise and air pollution from extra vehicles and reduced water quality”

Heavy traffic flows of around 2000 car trips per day were likely through the lower Maitai Valley Road and into Nile and Collingwood Streets and adjoining areas if the subdivision went ahead.

The inaugural campaign meeting heard how Nelson City Council planning documents stated as recently as 2016 that there would be no residential development in the Maitai Valley, as the result of a public survey which had indicated very strong opposition on the grounds of loss of open space, conflicts with recreation values, and the effects of more traffic and noise.

“Council planners have since completely ignored this and are actively encouraging this subdivision project.

It was ironic that the recently announced $1.7million Maitai Restoration Plan would see massive planting, weed control and wetlands development nearby at the same time as Council and developers want to reclaim a wetland and spoil the environment with housing and traffic pollution which will inevitably affect the Maitai water quality.

One of the outcomes of the Matai Restoration Plan is the development of a food corridor to support the movement of native bird species across the Nelson region, from the mountains to the sea.

Developers and Council don’t seem to understand how building several hundred houses in the area will diminish the effectiveness of this important environmental restoration.

The campaign hopes the Mayor Rachel Reese will stand up for her own words when she said “The Maitai / Mahitahi River flows through the lives of Nelsonians – it is entwined with who we are and how we live in this city.”

The Campaign to Save the Maitai – Kaka Valley resolved unanimously to condemn this subdivision in the strongest possible terms and to say to Nelson City Council and the developers “Hands off the Maitai !”