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Francey Neighbourly Lead from Stoke

a friend told she had a phone from her anti-virus provider say that this was not available and would crash her computer. they knew her name phone number, how much she paid to renew her subscription, and when. They convinced her to let them into her computer & also want her to sign into her bank account ,as they would refund her subscription plus, she argued over that. the phone went dead, but she could see them doing things on the computer and rang a friend & was told to pull the plug it was a scam which she did, her friend had a friendwith computer business who was able to clear out what they had done.
the phone call came form California and the person talk had a Indian accent she saw where they phoned from she had said that she usually deals with Australia & was told that they were handling it because of the COVID-19
These people will try anything & find new ways
my friend gave permission
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15 hours ago

Nelson residents counting the cost of private way oversight

Tim Newman Reporter from The Nelson Mail

The residents of Henrietta Way in Nelson overlooked the fine print about the ownership of the road when the subdivision was set up in 2005.

Now they're stuck with a $24,000 road repair bill shared between eight households, and want to warn people in similar situations not to make the same mistake they did.

Have you experienced a similar predicament with a private way? Let us know in the comments below.

8 days ago

Flat, House or Apartment wanted to rent

Marcia from The Wood

Married couple mid 30s no children, animals or flatmates, non smokers with excellent references.
Looking for a place from early August but flexible
Prefer Nelson central but flexible
Open to all offers - furnished or unfurnished
please contact Melissa on 028 437 3910

2 days ago

Property Maintenance Service

Daniel from Handy Dan Property Maintenance

Thanks to everyone who's been out supporting local business in these difficult times. We've been busy which has been great.
We are here to help, should you require any maintenance on your property.

Fencing | Decks | Gardening | Painting | & Everything in between

ph: 021 0839 2908

Thanks Team!