492 days ago

UNKNOWN PAYER - pxp*lybill.com

Nina from Stoke

I have a payment on my statement... I do not know what it is for. So asking anyone who would have an idea: It is an Internet Banking payment made with my card. pxp*lybill.com. Does anyone know what company it is for? It is not Amazon, AliExpress, Trademe, Ebay, or any of the shopping sites - or is it? The bank does not have any more information than I do. Help would be appreciated.

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5 hours ago

Do you need (want!) a new handbag or wallet?

Mary Jane from Lemon Tree Lane

We have just received a gorgeous range of leather and vegan leather bags from Serenade, Australia and Italian leather bags from Pierre Cardin.
Pop in see the range - there are small and large wallets, small crossbody bags, handbags in various sizes (with or without a shoulder strap), backpacks and totes so something for everyone.
We only have one of most colours / designs so its first in ... best dressed!

13 hours ago

Missing Vizsla Dog

Sam from The Wood

Missing from Milton Chalet Motel, golden brown athletic built dog, her name is Missie. Her owner is very anxious to find her, please contact Milton Chalet Motel if found

1 day ago

Road layout and crossing outside new Countdown - hit or miss?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

The new Countdown isn't far off opening and the roads are ready for the extra traffic - and foot traffic. But what do you think of the raised, green crossing so close to the Champion Rd roundabout, driving north from Richmond?
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