44 days ago


Lew from Hope

In October 2017 TDC told us this, “Our share of the dam’s capital cost would be $26.8 million.”
TDC's share of the project cost is now $100 million and it is highly likely to be more before the dam is finished. We say that the irrigation businesses which will use 85% or more of the water should be picking up their fair share of this. If you agree then come to the protest meeting.
8:30 am 1st April outside TDC HQ, Queen St, Richmond. And pass the message on to all your friends.

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10 days ago

Have you had the Covid vaccine jab?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Nelson Marlborough is one of the top performers when it comes to delivering the Covid vaccine, and now a Covid Vaccination Centre has opened in Nelson, with a Richmond site opening next week. Have you been text to get a Covid vaccine or have you had them? Let us know what is was like.

2 days ago

What company has the longest wait time on the phone?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

You know what it's like trying to deal with companies over the phone - you don't want to do your business online, you want to speak to a real person so you pick up the phone and end up listening to bad hold music for 30 minutes. What companies are the worst for wait times and what is the longest time you've spent hanging on the line?

1 day ago

How can we make people feel welcome in Nelson?

Amy Ridout Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Sometimes, people shout abuse at Fatima when they see her on the street wearing her headscarf. She has lived in Nelson for eight years, but is still finding her place here. How can we make Fatima feel at home?