29 days ago

wanted donations of books

Richmond Church of Christ from Richmond

Richmond Church of Christ is recommencing monthly community boot market Sat 15th Feb, we are seeking donations of suitable books, cds, dvds etc for a book stall to raise money to help a village in Vanuatu with bring water to their village. We can pick up. reply or txt 022 094 6682

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12 minutes ago

The Great Tax Robbery

Tony from Tahunanui

The Great Tax Robbery

If you are able to save from your salary or wages you are being robbed – not by the banks but by the government.
Once you have, say, $1000 saved you may prefer to risk it on the share market but until you do the following happens (using current BNZ rates as it is our biggest bank but use your own figures, it does not change the story):
$1000 invested at 2.6% for 12 months gains $26 interest. Tax (at 30%) takes $7.80 leaving a new total of $1018.20 which ‘looks like’ profit of $18.20 BUT IS NOT.
With inflation (around) 2% though the real value, the purchasing power, of your original $1000 PLUS that interest (1018.20 x 0.98) is now only $997.84
Your $1000 (in terms of what it can buy) has lost money and the Government has taxed your losses – this only happens to savers, generally working people and the retired, not rich investors.

5 days ago

Is Tasman's fireworks prohibition working?

Tim Newman Reporter from The Nelson Mail

On February 5 a ban on fireworks was put into place in the Nelson-Tasman region, until the fire danger drops from its current high level. Has the ban stopped people from letting off fireworks in the region?

Let us know in the comments section below.

20 hours ago

IPhone 7 or 8 needed

Alice from Stoke

My daughter is looking to buy an iPhone 7 or 8 in reasonable condition. She is a student and has a limited budget.