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Our Facebook Competition - Get your lounge carpet cleaned for free!

Manager from Intensive Carpet Clean

It's the festive time of year! So Tom and Lorna from Intensive Carpet Clean thought it would be an awesome idea to do one of their "Get your lounge room carpet cleaned for FREE competitions!" If you want to be in to win then visit and like our pagebook page www.facebook.com... and then tag your name or a friend's name in the "comment" section on the top pinned post on the page. Good luck! Drawn 9pm 24th December 2016 - name drawn randomly - open to the Nelson/Tasman areas.

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Blog Update & inspiration

James from Richmond

I want to prove that I can break apart from society’s norm with this Blog and create a space of freedom from which I can express myself, inspire both myself as well as others along the way. Once I start earning with this Blog I can finally start buying my mother, myself and my family the finer things in life.

I will finally be able to live up to my potential as success within the thing that i chose to do and not many other people do it will give me confidence in myself.

I’ll then be able to inspire others, to give them the blueprints to passion & success and to be there for them when few to no one was there for me.

Heartache was a big downplay/downfall for me as I already trusted few to no one at that time and out of everyone that I knew, I let her in. When she left me so did my heart drop and shatter as well as I started feeling worthless and an empty husk.

Now from this Blog, I have so many hopes for it as well as what it could mean for me, financially, personally & my overall success.

I must plow through and make something of it and finally get started living my own life because I’m not getting any younger.

I believe in hard work and it trumping natural talent if given the chance and enough time.

There are words from this song that greatly exemplifies the philosophy that I yield as my conviction and it goes:

“It’s not the hand that dealt your dealt, it’s how you prove it to yourself, you don’t need any wealth, gotta live your life work hard & excel. Don’t be looking for their help, look inside of yourself for the wealth, keep your mind & your body in good health, and don’t be working for nobody but yourself”.

I don’t know if any of you have this philosophy with you but for me, I was never given that many opportunities at life and I was always lonely/on the road (metaphorically speaking), this loneliness was my darkness however it also gave me more humility, pride & mindfulness.

When I make it I don’t want to see another go through what I had, there are most definitely much easier ways to practise proper mannerisms and etiquette without having to go through this much pain alone as well as feeling inadequate.

If you reached the end of this then I applaud you and thank you for reading a brief on my recent hopes and happenings.

If you wish to support me on my Blog or pay me a visit there, please feel free to do so 😊

Cheers everyone.

James Atafu - A Passionate poet, a desired activist, an online personality & one who has a heart of gold 💛

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Nelson Sunset 18/12/2018

Michael from The Wood

Tonights Nelson Sunset

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Poll: YOUR VIEWS MATTER. Waimea Road traffic lights Poll.

Mel from Stepneyville

You have been expressing your uncertainties/concerns with me regarding the proposed new traffic lights planned for the corner of Beatson Road & Waimea Road. The traffic lights are being installed to service a new retirement complex presently under construction & for residents living on Princess Drive. You have expressed doubts as to whether the volume of traffic from this area requires traffic lights or would a roundabout be more suitable. You have also suggested a third option of traffic merging left when travelling to the city & traffic (off the hill) turning right into Beatson Road when travelling to Stoke.



YOUR VIEWS MATTER. Waimea Road traffic lights Poll.
  • 67.3% Vote for a Roundabout or other
    67.3% Complete
  • 32.7% Vote for Traffic lights
    32.7% Complete
52 votes