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Our Facebook Competition - Get your lounge carpet cleaned for free!

Manager from Intensive Carpet Clean

It's the festive time of year! So Tom and Lorna from Intensive Carpet Clean thought it would be an awesome idea to do one of their "Get your lounge room carpet cleaned for FREE competitions!" If you want to be in to win then visit and like our pagebook page www.facebook.com... and then tag your name or a friend's name in the "comment" section on the top pinned post on the page. Good luck! Drawn 9pm 24th December 2016 - name drawn randomly - open to the Nelson/Tasman areas.

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The Brook Valley Community Group and the Court of Appeal hearing June 2018

Helen from The Brook

This appeal was based on the previous judgement that hazardous substances such as eco-toxic poison baits are not seen as a substance when in a river or on a riverbed and the costs awarded by judge Churchman against Brook Valley Community Group (BVCG).

Below is two short videos with Lawyer Sue Grey.

Video 1: Sue update Brook Valley Community Group Court of Appeal Hearing (June 2018)

Video 2: Sue Grey: Poison Legalities

Some staunch Sanctuary/council supporters would prefer BVCG to pay up and go away. The legality of this poison drop has nation wide implication which needs to be settled by law hence BVCG is following through what we started even though our Valley were poisoned.

As for paying up. This is my personal view: 'The question of why should a community group pay the Sanctuary expenses when their legal representation had been pro bono? David Butler announced during the Sanctuary AGM that they had received the value of $600,000 pro bono work from their law firm and in addition the Sanctuary set up a Givealittle page and received further $32.000 from donations towards legal expenses. I don't believe it is right. Aren’t the council/raterpayer donations enough to keep their $300,000+ salaries per year enough?'

The appeal was held in front of three judges, no new evidence were allowed into the hearing. It is expected to take about 2-3 months before we hear the outcome of this appeal.

8 days ago

GIVE A LITTLE funding for a friend batteling with cancer

Karin from Upper Moutere

Hi everyone, about two weeks ago friends of ours in CHC had their panel beating shop burgled and ALL tools taken. Steve is fighting cancer and needs to go to work to have a reason to get out of bed each day. Maureen took in extra work to cope financially and wore her shoulder out in the process, needing surgery. With the burglary they have lost the means to get back on their feet. I set up this Give A Little fundraising request for them. Please have a look, spread the word and maybe spare a few dollars. Every little bit counts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE.

The picture is of their workshop with the vehicles Steve was working on and cant finish now...


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Curtain Cleaning

Michelle & Morris from Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd

Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd
CURTAIN CLEANING - We are totally diffrent from all other curtain cleaners. We will clean your curtains in your home if needed or on your very own premises. Pick up and deliver and take down and rehang. We clean like no other from top to bottom spot clean also. You will be stunned at Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd amazing curtain clean. We also clean blinds if need be. Fast pick up and clean and drop off. Nelson and greater areas.
Call Morris 027 733 9143