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*Our Facebook Competition* Get your lounge room carpet cleaned for free!

Manager from Intensive Carpet Clean

It's the festive time of year! So Tom and Lorna from Intensive Carpet Clean thought it would be an awesome idea to do one of their "Get your lounge room carpet cleaned for FREE competitions!" If you want to be in to win then visit and like our pagebook page www.facebook.com... and then tag your name or a friend's name on the top pinned post on our page. Good luck! Drawn 9pm 24th December 2016 - name drawn randomly - open to the Nelson/Tasman areas.

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The Brook Valley Community Group and the Court of Appeal hearing June 2018

Helen from The Brook

This appeal was based on the previous judgement that hazardous substances such as eco-toxic poison baits are not seen as a substance when in a river or on a riverbed and the costs awarded by judge Churchman against Brook Valley Community Group (BVCG).

Below is two short videos with Lawyer Sue Grey.

Video 1: Sue update Brook Valley Community Group Court of Appeal Hearing (June 2018)

Video 2: Sue Grey: Poison Legalities

Some staunch Sanctuary/council supporters would prefer BVCG to pay up and go away. The legality of this poison drop has nation wide implication which needs to be settled by law hence BVCG is following through what we started even though our Valley were poisoned.

As for paying up. This is my personal view: 'The question of why should a community group pay the Sanctuary expenses when their legal representation had been pro bono? David Butler announced during the Sanctuary AGM that they had received the value of $600,000 pro bono work from their law firm and in addition the Sanctuary set up a Givealittle page and received further $32.000 from donations towards legal expenses. I don't believe it is right. Aren’t the council/raterpayer donations enough to keep their $300,000+ salaries per year enough?'

The appeal was held in front of three judges, no new evidence were allowed into the hearing. It is expected to take about 2-3 months before we hear the outcome of this appeal.

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Poll: Where do you think the farmers market should be held?

Skara Bohny Reporter from The Nelson Mail

The chairman of the farmers market says the new location is driving a decline in customers, and has asked the council if it can move back to the CBD. Where do you think it should go?
Are you a market regular? Have you gone to it less frequently since it moved, or noticed the decline? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Where do you think the farmers market should be held?
  • 15.6% Buxton Square year-round
    15.6% Complete
  • 51.6% Upper Trafalgar Street year-round
    51.6% Complete
  • 12.5% Buxton Square in winter, Trafalgar in summer
    12.5% Complete
  • 4.7% Somewhere else - I'll tell you in the comments
    4.7% Complete
  • 15.6% It should stay where it is
    15.6% Complete
64 votes
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Poll: Do you still use a recalled heater?

Skara Bohny Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Since 2010 22 types of heaters have been recalled for safety reasons. Have you ever had a heater that has been recalled?
Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Do you still use a recalled heater?
  • 10.5% Yes - I returned it
    10.5% Complete
  • 10.5% Yes - I still use it
    10.5% Complete
  • 47.4% No - I don't know if mine's safe
    47.4% Complete
  • 31.6% No - I know mine is safe
    31.6% Complete
19 votes