746 days ago

Intensive Carpet Clean is new to Neighbourly

Manager from Intensive Carpet Clean

Intensive Carpet Clean is new to Neighbourly to celebrate Tom and Lorna Gower from Intensive Carpet Clean would like to offer customers a 15% discount to all customers who find us through the Neighbourly site. see advert below

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1 day ago

Blog so far

James from Richmond

So far I’m putting out a ton of blog posts however it’s not nearly as much as my competition however it is quality content.
You can find out more and see my blog here:

It really it coming along quite nicely and the idea is there but there’s still heaps of work to get through however I do have a lot of hope riding on this blog.
Thanks for your support everyone, the potential for this blog to free me from society’s norm and to enable me to become a figure at which my family can look up to is quite exponentially good so yeah.
Come on over and join me at my blog and if you want leave a comment as to what you think if you decide to read anything and as always stay safe everyone ☺️

6 days ago

After school care needed in mapua

Suzy from Mapua

Kia ora, does anyone know of (or would be interested in starting) an after school programme in Mapua? I know many other people are also in need of this.
Please feel free to add your comment if you need this too so anyone interested can get an idea of the market for it!

4 days ago

Missing cat

Guy from Atawhai

Hi neighbors, our maincoone kitten has escaped from our house, we’re at 652 Atawhai Crescent. He’s very shy but hoping someone can spot him, might be hiding under someone’s deck or in a shed or garage. $100 reward if you can catch him. If you see him please send me a message, we are very worried about him.