36 days ago

Tree on the road at Atawhai Drive by the cemetery

Ngaire from Atawhai

Please be aware someone has deliberately chainsawed a tree across the road. Council are in attendance now. The tree has been cut to fall onto the road and fortunately we saw it in time. Please take care.

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12 hours ago

House burglary

Fae from Stoke

Hi everyone
Just making all aware, after a beautiful weekend away in Takaka, we arrived home at 1:50 yesterday afternoon to find our home had been broken into. We travelled away for the kids soccer games. On arrival I noticed our front door was left wide open, walked inside to see bedrooms were turned upside down, all our personal belongings rummaged through. Forensics have said they would have used a crow bar to force open back door destroying both locks. A Canon camera valued around $1000 which was left behind by mistake, a few sentimental jewelery items and hair straightener is what we have noticed missing so far. Such a huge distress for our family so unsettling, makes it worse when you don't have answers and knowing we may not get any either.. just had to make you all aware, so keep yourselves and homes safe neighbours.

4 days ago

Poll: Uber is coming to Nelson - so will you be using it?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Nelson's two main taxi companies will have some competition when Uber rides into the sunshine city in October. What do you think of Uber, have you used it, and will you? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think in the 'Reply'.

Uber is coming to Nelson - so will you be using it?
  • 39.8% I've used a ride sharing app and will definitely use Uber in Nelson.
    39.8% Complete
  • 22.7% I've never used a ride share service but would give it a go.
    22.7% Complete
  • 11.6% I'll stick to taxis.
    11.6% Complete
  • 26% I don't use taxis or ride share.
    26% Complete
181 votes
3 hours ago

Pounamu treasures on display

Sally Kidson Reporter from The Nelson Mail

More than 200 pounamu treasures, including some heavyweight pieces, are part of an international exhibition now in Nelson.
Kura Pounamu: Our Treasured Stone opened at the Nelson Provincial Museum on Saturday.
Have you checked it out?