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Poll: How do you get courier packages delivered to ensure you recieve them?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Courier packages are being stolen from homes around Nelson, leaving customers without the items they paid for. Have you ever had a parcel not arrive that should have? Do you stipulate during your order where you want it left at your home? Tell us about your experience below in 'Reply'. www.stuff.co.nz...

How do you get courier packages delivered to ensure you recieve them?
  • 19.5% I have parcels sent to my workplace.
    19.5% Complete
  • 2.3% I have them sent to friends/family who I know will be home for collection.
    2.3% Complete
  • 39.1% I write details on my order of where to safely leave the parcel at my home.
    39.1% Complete
  • 39.1% I don't think about it. The courier leaves parcels without special instructions
    39.1% Complete
87 votes
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Weka Triplet Cuteness in The Brook!

Andrea from The Brook

We love having natives birds in our Neighbourhood no matter how noisy and cheeky they are!

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Dog owners beware of the picnic tables at Isel

Helena from Stoke

Happy family parties in the park mean food that is toxic to dogs is often dropped and not cleaned up. This can be costly and distressing for dogs and their owners if their dog finds such food first.
Please remind people that the food they find yummy may kill someone’s pet.
Responsible dog owners clean up after their dog. Responsible people clean up after their parties.