41 days ago

Cattery recommendation

Tina from Tamatea

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can recommend a nice cattery. We have to book our cat in for 4 days in December. He has never been away from our home since birth (4 years) and really want to find a good place for him as he can be a little nervous. Any info would be most appreciated.

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6 days ago

Government Dictated UFB Zones

Andrew from Karamu - Waipatu

My Hastings suburb is classified as NOT a UFB zone, in the fibre roll-out. The only thing that's different about my Hastings City suburb is it has a Marae in it. So has the National Party dictated some policy to make areas with a Marae in them NOT a UFB zone?? (I phoned Chorus and those are their words "the Government has dictated the UFB zones")
Anyone know of a Marae with Ultra Fast Broadband Fibre?

11 hours ago

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