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Go Contactless with FiSBO®

BJ Keehan from

Hi there Neighbours.

Ben Keehan here. If you haven't heard already I have been hard at work developing the contactless way for you to sell your property privately all in one app. I have taken all the knowledge from my years as a real estate agent and combined them into one app that you can access from any internet-connected smartphone, tablet or pc to not only create your property listing but sell it as well.

Features include:

A professional brand
Contactless Viewing with VR
Contactless Negotiating under the buyers and owners control
Full visibility into buyer communication
Multi-channel marketing
Interactive Signboards
Discounted Trade Me listings
Access from Smartphone, Tablet or PC
Smart Script Builder
OpenHomers by the hour

A complete system for you to sell your property like a pro with tools some of the big brands don't even use.

In my experience, there are several things wrong with selling your property privately (I listed & sold them as an agent), all that has now changed with the tools included with your FiSBO® property listing.

FiSBO® replaces real estate agents

If you have to sell your property think about us first with listings starting from just $299 FiSBO® is the must-have private sales kit.

Refer us to someone you know that lists with us to earn $200 Grocery Voucher find out more with the link below.

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Still stressed and shopping for Christmas?

The Team from NZ Compare

It’s been a hard year and we know for many the pinch is on this holiday season!
www.FreeVoucherCodes.co.nz has been launched to help Kiwi shoppers save money on a huge range of different products and services. Whether you need a meal kit comparison or discount vouchers for all your fave shopping spots – we’ve got it.

Check out Free Voucher Codes from NZ Compare for all the best coupons, promo codes and deals for your online Christmas shopping today!

NZ Compare is more than just power, broadband and money comparison. We’re helping Kiwis compare what’s out there!

12 hours ago

Hedge Trimming.

Karyn from Greenmeadows

I am looking for someone to trim a small hedge and a small bush on my fence line and able to take the greenery away. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount if needed. Text me on 0211761866 if interested in helping out.
Thank you.

1 day ago

Red Cross Shops welcome everybody!

The Team from Red Cross Shop Napier

Our Red Cross Shops welcome everybody. Customers don’t need to be vaccinated or show My Vaccine Pass to enter the shop under the Traffic Light System.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.