38 days ago

For Sale

Hilda from Taradale

2 10cc tickets March 2020 Blackbarn.

private message if interested.

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9 days ago


Collin from Hospital Hill

Why is it anyone with a health message is so totally captured by advertising agencies that pretend that a 53 minute video that states the same thing in 1500 different ways, and all based on facts, all of which are prefaced with should, could, might, sometimes, usually etc
Time they woke up to the fact that not all consumers are myopic programmed Millennials.
Simply, i cannot be bothered with that level of time wasting.
Time to fight back folks!

13 hours ago

Tree Puner

Glen from Hastings Central

Hi there...I am looking for someone to do a fairly easy trimming of some trees, creeper on my back fence. Small section, probably half a day's work. Pse phone on 021 08143783. Thanks, Glen

1 day ago


Raewyn from Westshore

I have accommodation available if you have anyone coming from out of town who hasn't already found a place to stay. May also be able to drop them at the venue. Right at the beach and beside the cycle tracks. Please ph: Raewyn 021 2610266