55 days ago

Pedigree Dog Food

Letitia from Taradale

Hi there Neighbours,

I bought an 8kg bag of Pedigree dog food for our fur baby. She absolutely refuses to eat it. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in this?

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3 hours ago


Casey from Onekawa

Looking for good value handyman to do minor repairs in our office (Napier).
Any recommendations?

10 days ago

dirty water

Dave from Maraenui

once again dirty water for drinking dirty water for dishes dirty water to wash in etc etc this has gone on way to long sack the buggers and get someone who will act they say run the water till its clean there is a water shortage ?????

5 days ago

Fruit tree thefts

Georgia May Gilbertson Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

We've been hearing reports of fruit trees being stripped across Hawke's Bay on residential properties, orchards and school grounds. Have you been affected by this? Please comment below.