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How much light does your houseplant need?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Dear neighbours,

If you've ever struggled with this question, houseplant collector Moira West (400 indoor plants and growing!) has the answers.

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15 hours ago


Daphne from Poraiti

How sad that someone is stealing my $2 large bags of plums for sale at my gate. Seems to happen after 4 pm when not many people around. I am happy to gift if the person cannot afford $2 but it would be courtesy to ask. All that’s required is a thank you. I despise those that steal!

20 hours ago

🐕MISSING🐕 Posting on behalf

Rose from Greenmeadows

Ronel Vorster 21/1/2022 PLEASE HELP!! Our beloved pet, a Jack Russell-cross, went missing next to the river between Pettygrew Green and the refuse station, along the cycle track between the river and orchards. His name is Max. The photo is of him right after he’s had a swim. If found, please contact 021 920 577. Thank you.

20 hours ago

🐈MISSING🐈 Posting on behalf

Rose from Greenmeadows

Philippa Withey
January 20 at 4:16 PM ·
Our cat, Carter, has disappeared from Greenmeadows East area. Spriggs, Tait, Alan Styles, Atherfold area.
He’s microchipped, no collar.
Very friendly/nosy so could have climbed into a car, or be stuck in a shed perhaps.
He’s very vocal, so easy to hear him coming. Distinctive features are that he has spots, not stripes. Only a year old so quite lanky/small still.
Please keep an eye/ear out, it’s very unusual for him to not come home 🏡