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Share a recipe!

The Team from Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Kia ora Napier City, Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2022 will be encouraging people to connect through kai. This could be sharing a cuppa, fresh produce, a recipe or hosting a picnic or BBQ.

We thought we would kick things off now by encouraging people to share a favourite recipe.

This could be a whānau favourite, your aunty’s special chutney, a secret (or potentially not!) curry dish, or your most-loved cake.

We’ll then share your recipe throughout the land for people to try, share, and enjoy within their communities.

Either email your recipe to kiaora@neighboursday.org.nz or submit it here - www.neighboursday.org.nz...

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Pantomime Auditions

Steve from Taradale

"THE FRIVS" presents "Little Panto on the Prairie"
SUNDAY 12 December 2021 at 2pm at St Augustines Scout Hall
104D Latham Street up long drive.


These will be ‘Open Auditions’ where you will be required to audition in front of other people. This is so I can swap people around in different roles. Bring a water bottle.
Show Dates
Monday 25 April Preview Night / Final Dress Rehearsal @ 7.30pm
Tuesday 26 April Free night
Wednesday 27 April Opening Night @ 7.30pm
Thursday 28 April Show @ 7.30pm
Friday 29 April Show @ 7.30pm
Saturday 30 April Show @ 2.00pm
Sunday 1 May Show @ 2.00pm
Rehearsals will begin on Sunday 30th January with a ‘Meet & Greet’ and then a “Read Through’ of the script.

Rehearsals are planned to take place above the BNZ in Hastings Street, Napier near Farmers on:
Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm
Thursdays 7pm to 9pm
Sundays 4pm to 7pm


Main Characters

Madame Moonshine : The Dame (Male playing female). Big, bold and brash. Always over the top. Worries about her Saloon falling into the grasp of the Evil Sheriff
Sandy : Heroine (Female). Typical damsel in distress. Pretty. Melodramatic. Under the care of her uncle the Evil Sheriff. In love with Buck
Buck the Cowboy : Hero (Male character). Rough, rugged and brave. Stereotypical western cowboy. In town to compete in the Windy Bottom Cowboy Derby
Silent Bob : Buck’s side-kick (Male/Female). A mute cowboy. Must be played by an actor able to convey obvious feelings and thoughts without speech of any kind, but does speak briefly at the end
Tumbleweed : Village idiot. (Large part, a male due to love interest with Fairy Saddle-Sore). Stupid in a funny kind of way. Has unreal aspirations of being a cowboy. He works for Madame Moonshine in her Saloon
Sheriff Cactus Jack : The evil villain (Male character). Dastardly, devious and devilish. A sheriff who has turned to the dark side
José & Hose B : Comedy double act. The villain’s side-kicks (Male, female or either). Two dim- witted Mexican goons hired by the sheriff to aid in his dastardly deeds. Very over the top Mexican accents are a must

Medium Parts
Fairy Saddle-Sore : Fairy (Female). A modern take on the classic fairy. Has a love interest with Tumbleweed
Grandpa/Grandma : Narrator. (Either sex). Must have a strong southern United States accent. Used as a narrator. Can be played as a Grandma rather than a Grandpa

Smaller Parts (All Speaking)
Big Chief Pow Wow How Now Brown Cow : (Male). A large man. Chief of the Indian tribe. Speaks in broken English
Tom-Tom : Indian Brave (Male). Big Chiefs’ young son
Announcer : (Either sex). The ‘host/presenter’ of the Windy Bottom Cowboy Derby
Hugh Garse : (Male). A jockey in the Cowboy Derby
Di O’Rear : (Female). A jockey in the Cowboy Derby
A Rabbit : (A child actor, either sex). Appears at various times throughout and walks/hops across the stage. Has a short one line joke at the end.
Chorus (5) Some lines (1st half)
Indian braves and squaws (2nd half) These will be the Chorus from 1st half
All the main parts plus the Fairy are singing parts. If you are auditioning for one these you need to bring your own backing music and be prepared to sing.
If you want audition scripts prior to the audition email stevejamesdriver@gmail.com and will send them to you.
Also looking for people who prefer to work back stage (Costumes, Make up, Set Building, Artists etc)
Steve Driver
027 7566303

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Why it’s important to choose an executor for your will.

Public Trust

When it comes to choosing an executor for your will, it's vital that you choose someone who will protect your legacy. A person you trust to fulfil your final wishes set out in your will. Scott Errington, Principal Trustee at our Timaru Customer Centre had a chat with stuff.co.nz recently on the importance of an executor for your will.
Check out the article in the link below.

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Dust off that camera...

The Team from Stuff

Calling all avid photographers! Our annual Summer Snap competition has kicked off.

We’ve teamed up with Canon for another year to give away six EOS Canon cameras, valued up to $2,699, to the most deserving amateur photographers.

Snap your summer between now and 31 January, choose one of our six categories and head online to stuff.co.nz/summersnap to enter!

Our categories are:
- Great Outdoors
- People and Communities
- Kiwi Summer
- Thrill and Adventure
- Urban Life
- Bach and Backyard

Show us what your neighbourhood (and beyond) has to offer and and you could be taking your next photos with your very own Canon EOS.