47 days ago

Cats needing a new home desperately.

Jenni from Bluff Hill

Due to unexpected passing of their lovely Mum these two gorgeous and well loved kitties are in need of a new home.
I am helping my friend Dani in the search so please contact me if you are interested and I will pass you on to Dani. Thank you <3
So - We are Trixie and Buddy and we need a loving home.
We started life at the SPCA and would really rather not go back there.
Trixie's the fluffy tabby and she's about 3.5 years old and Buddy's the grey white one, he's about 2.5 years old.
We are healthy, happy and, despite being all gangsta and punching on in the photos, we are very sweet and loving.
We would ideally love to stay together.
If you have room at your place, please help us to continue to keep our story a happy one.
Contact our Aunty Dani Bellamy and she'll make sure you're ok to be our human.
Thank mew!

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14 hours ago

Toys/ New watches

The Team from Red Cross Shop Napier

New toys have arrived.
New boys underwear.

7 days ago

collecting for womans refugee

Christina from Napier South

Good morning, I am collecting for the women refugees this month.
Anything you do not want which would be useful please call me and I will drop everything off at the end of the month.
Text me on 0226778509 Blessings and thank you to you all in advance.

1 day ago

For the Love of Velvet

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean (Hawkes Bay Chem-Dry)

For anyone wanting to add everlasting interest to their home, you can’t look past velvet! This is a fabric that’s as rich in textile history as it is in texture with incredible durability that may surprise you.

Velvet fabric fuses a historical sense of luxury and indulgence with a plush, practical comfort that has a timeless style, sure to outlast any momentary design trends. With its silky sheen and rich colours, velvet holds a specific seductive quality that no eye for elegance can resist the allure of.

For a fabric that feels like a soft, buttery hug the unique piles have a hard-wearing quality that will ensure your velvet curtains, cushions or furniture will continue to be loud and daring or subtly sophisticated for years to come.

History of Velvet
The history of velvet is one of luxury and meticulous construction. It is believed the material was first introduced in Baghdad around 750 A.D. The original velvet material was made from silk and therefore naturally reserved for royalty and other notably wealthy classes that could afford the exorbitant cost.

Velvet eventually travelled to Europe on the Silk Road and gained popularity during the Renaissance. At the same time, new loom technology lowered the production costs and therefore widened the availability to fabric lovers of all classes. Fast-forward to the 21st century and velvet fabric can be found in almost every home, transcending and outlasting interior trends to suit any home decor for years on end.

How is Velvet Made?
Velvet is made in a very unique way. It is woven on a double piece loom that makes two pieces of fabric simultaneously with the velvet pile encased in the middle. It is then separated, creating the three-dimensional texture velvet is known for.

While the first velvets were made from silk, more recent adaptations in the production process means velvets can now be made from natural or synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, viscose, or rayon.

Classic plain velvet will then be sheared to ensure the pile is a consistent length and often brushed while moist to achieve a nice uniform grain across the fabric. If the fabric is destined to boast a pattern, at this point in the process it will be crushed, embossed or snipped to different lengths to ensure this pattern is part of the pile’s identity for the life of the fabric.

Velvet is then dyed to produce amazing, rich colours that are accentuated by the three-dimensional texture.

Durability of Velvet
Due to the aura of luxury surrounding velvet and the fact that it was originally made from silk, there’s a preconception that it’s delicate and requires gentle, loving care to stay pristine. We’re here to set the record straight!

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