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NCC CEO: Wayne Jack

Jo and Jarrod from Tamatea

Wayne jack: Where do I start, salary package of 360K per annum, millions of dollars rate payers funds on your "Think Big" projects that have failed. Spying on your councillors that opposed your new pool complex plan.
Elected in by our council in 2013, then 2017 your 5 year contract ended and due to any competition you were appointed for another 5 year contract and now I read in the media you are being proposed a $1000,000 payout to terminate your contract early.
It has been a win win for you at our expense and what an absolute joke you should be entitled to any such payout. I don't care about the clauses in your contract, and if any clauses should be considered what about the clause of "Serious misconduct".
The council is holding a closed meeting tomorrow to discuss this matter and apparently it is a closed meeting due to the fact it is an "Employer-Employee" matter. As ratepayers surely we are the "EMPLOYER" are we not? Why are we not entitled to know what will be discussed and what monetary figure it is going to cost us to get rid of you?
I will be glad to see the back of you to be honest as you stated in 2013...… "I look forward to working for my community". Also a joke.
Dirty Water, Infrastructure failures and nose in the public funded trough for way to long .
I will be following this with great interest as once again, decisions will be made, ratepayers funds will be paid to you Mr Jack with out any consultation apart from what goes on behind closed doors and the real funny part is.. we teach our kids, its ok to make mistakes so long as lessons are learnt along the way but in this case nothing will be learnt and we will make the same mistakes all over again. I don't mean to come across negative but one thing I have learnt is whether it be local or central governments … Its a free for all.

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The South Island Journey presented by The Press

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14 Year Old For Hire

Jackson from Napier South

Hello, My name is Jackson and I'm happy to do any odd jobs around the neighborhood if anyone has a job that I could do for a little but of cash I would be happy to help.

Message me here 0224581781

Cheers Jackson