44 days ago

Are you a recent home buyer? or a retiree in your own home?

The team Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Hi Neighbourly - we're looking for a first-home buyer to talk about why it was their goal to buy a house and the reasons behind it (need to be willing to be pictured with it). We're also looking for a few people 50 years or older to talk about how important owning their own home is to their retirement goals

Can you help? Email susan.edmunds@stuff.co.nz

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5 days ago

Armed police to patrol Hawke's Bay

Marty Sharpe Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

A senior Black Power member now says long-established conventions by gangs to avoid confrontation "seem to have gone out the window".

13 hours ago

Deceased Black and white cat Parklands ?

Andrea from Greenmeadows

Deceased Black and white cat , black collar with bell behind where they
digging for new swimming complex , adjacent blowcarts ,beside bridge.Sorry was out for a cycle so didn't have anything to cover it with .Have left mess at napier spca to pick up but no one there today. Sunday.

14 hours ago

4 weeks to go

Denise from Marewa

On this day, in 4 weeks time, it will be The Gatsby Picnic and the fashion competitions at the Soundshell. Both are free events. There are even make up and nail styles as well as hair styles that are particular to the 1920s and 1930s. Today's post is for nails. Being on a very tight budget, I got the nail polish, some tape (didn't have any in the house) and the reinforcements from the 1-2-3 shop in Marewa. They have quite a few useful bits and bobs for preparing your Art Deco look.

I'd seen this look before and I've had my first attempt. While I don't particularly like it, it is handy in that I normally can chip my polish just sneezing. I've managed and whole day, including doing the dishes and there is no damage yet.