61 days ago

I stopped unwanted calls

Maureen from Marewa

I was having 3 or more calls a day from the likes of 'Spark' (supposedly) and other rip off callers. I stopped these by simply not speaking when I answer a call, The fraudulent callers will hang up within 5 seconds (usually), they think they've called a disconnected number. If it's someone you know they will say 'hello'. I have not had any calls for over 3 weeks. Please try it, it won't do any harm and will stop the calls.

ps Pay to tell your family if you do it

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19 minutes ago

It is that time of year!

NumberWorks'nWords Hawkes Bay

We hope at this time of year you are getting close to having a break and a well deserved holiday.

2 hours ago

New Zealand Firefighters Calendar 2020

Jonathan from Napier South


New Zealand Firefighters Calendar 2020

This year's calendar signified a change in the way the New Zealand Firefighters Calendar was presented and, as a result of its overwhelming success, next year's format is just as heartwarming...

The calendar's new approach to fundraising for the Child Cancer Foundation evokes an emotional response with every turn of the page...

Each month features some of those very children who are going through, or have been through the toughest of times at the very start of their lives - standing strong, having fun and enjoying being a firefighter for a day.

With limited stock, the calendars will be on sale:

Sat 14th December The Warehouse Napier 5.30-7pm
Sun 15th December Pak n Save Napier 4.30-7pm
Sat 21st December Countdown Carlyle 4-7pm
Sun 22nd December The Warehouse Napier 2-6pm

If you'd like to grab yours now to guarantee availability, please message me directly or comment below. Thank you for your support.

5 hours ago

Tuia Mātauranga roadshow comes to Māhia - free event

The Team from Ministry of Education

Come and take part in a visual and interactive experience that showcases the history and dual heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand.

See you at Te Māhia Beach on Sunday 15 Dec. We're open from 10 am to 4 pm.