71 days ago


Dave from Maraenui

dont post rubbish that freaks old people out ps pets having virus etc etc and police not being around your freaking older people and vunerable people out STOP IT

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22 days ago

Wild apple trees

Robert from Poraiti

Hi I am starting a project of trying to protect wild seedling apple trees or ones that may be growing that don’t get any attention and trying to protect our heritage varieties around the Hawke’s bay. If anyone knows of any apple trees that they have been found on walks or farms or properties or old orchards that are neglected that could be grafted and helped to keep going. Please I would really like to know and try to protect these. I would appreciate any help. And if you could pass on to friends and others around our district that would be great. Thanks lots.

3 days ago

good tucker

Dave from Maraenui

use with dip