190 days ago

Boarding for dog

Helen from Tamatea

Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to house my dog lab x almost a year old lives outside i will pay for food and walk the dog not sure for how long trying to find another home for us hope someone can help

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11 days ago

chlorinated water

Pauline from Hospital Hill

Stop wasting ratepayer money. NCC has spent $73,630 trying to resolve complaints about discoloured water caused when chlorine strips biofilm from the pipes - that’s what’s ending up in our kitchen taps. Email p.doyle@hotmail.com for the PETITION FOR CHLORINE-FREE WATER. Napier doesn’t need chlorinating – the E.coli results which led council to chlorinate in May 2017 were “on the edge of detection” according to council staff – no proof of any contamination. The solution? Stop the chlorine. This is what Christchurch is doing as they upgrade their system. www.tvnz.co.nz...

4 days ago

Poll: $1000 to drive a scooter into the water

Brittney Reporter from Stuff

Would you accept the challenge for $1000?

One Auckland daredevil took on a challenge to drive a Lime e-scooter directly into the harbour. With $1000 on the table, he gladly accepted the bet. The video posted to social media shows the shirtless stuntman powering down a wharf and steering straight off the edge, plunging into the water metres below.

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$1000 to drive a scooter into the water
  • 51% Definitely, it's $1000!
    51% Complete
  • 37.8% No way, not worth the risk
    37.8% Complete
  • 11.2% Maybe for more money...
    11.2% Complete
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2 days ago

It's hard to believe we're already over half-way through February! 😸❤️

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Whether it's 'beautifying' your town or hosting a free class in your community, perhaps even volunteering or doing a clean-up... there are SO many ways to take part in this month's campaign.

What are you doing to make your neighbourhood even better?