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Poll: Are you able to afford your own home?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Housing affordability is getting worse for Kiwis - especially in Auckland.

About four in five people renting are unable to comfortably afford mortgage payments, recent Government statistics show. Many Kiwis are fleeing expensive cities like Auckland in search of affordable housing in the regions - and they're not looking back.

So, in your current situation are you able to afford your own home?

Are you able to afford your own home?
  • 40.9% Yes, I can
    40.9% Complete
  • 16% Only with the help of Kiwisaver/ partner
    16% Complete
  • 6.9% In another 5-10 years I could
    6.9% Complete
  • 36.2% No, renting is my only option
    36.2% Complete
1963 votes
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Graeme Bergh's Ride Forever testimonial...

The Team from ACC New Zealand

Graeme Bergh is a keen motorcyclist and happens to be a NZ Police officer. He’s attended many serious motorcycle crashes and learned first-hand the factors that cause and contribute to them.

Sadly, in the majority of cases, there were things the rider could have done to prevent the crash, “and that breaks my heart”, says Graeme. His solution? “Do some training”. It just might save your life.

Sign up for training today.
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Poll: Is there still a place for marmalade in your kitchen... and your heart?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Once upon a time, marmalade on toast was a winter staple. In our upcoming July issue though, gardening guru Lynda Hallinan says marmalade is in danger of extinction because fewer and fewer people are buying, making or eating it! So tell us: Do you still like marmalade? Yes or no, don't forget to tell us why.

Is there still a place for marmalade in your kitchen... and your heart?
  • 79.2% Yum and yes please, I love marmalade!
    79.2% Complete
  • 20.8% No, thank you!
    20.8% Complete
1898 votes