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Poll: Are you able to afford your own home?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Housing affordability is getting worse for Kiwis - especially in Auckland.

About four in five people renting are unable to comfortably afford mortgage payments, recent Government statistics show. Many Kiwis are fleeing expensive cities like Auckland in search of affordable housing in the regions - and they're not looking back.

So, in your current situation are you able to afford your own home?

Are you able to afford your own home?
  • 41% Yes, I can
    41% Complete
  • 15.9% Only with the help of Kiwisaver/ partner
    15.9% Complete
  • 6.9% In another 5-10 years I could
    6.9% Complete
  • 36.3% No, renting is my only option
    36.3% Complete
1997 votes
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