188 days ago

Poll: Are you able to afford your own home?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Housing affordability is getting worse for Kiwis - especially in Auckland.

About four in five people renting are unable to comfortably afford mortgage payments, recent Government statistics show. Many Kiwis are fleeing expensive cities like Auckland in search of affordable housing in the regions - and they're not looking back.

So, in your current situation are you able to afford your own home?

Are you able to afford your own home?
  • 41% Yes, I can
    41% Complete
  • 15.9% Only with the help of Kiwisaver/ partner
    15.9% Complete
  • 6.9% In another 5-10 years I could
    6.9% Complete
  • 36.3% No, renting is my only option
    36.3% Complete
1997 votes
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1 day ago

Are you ready to completely ditch plastic bags?

Sarah Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

The clock is ticking (and no, we're not referring to the Christmas countdown!) - single-use plastic bags will be out of circulation from July 1, 2019.

All retailers, ie not just supermarkets, will no longer be able to sell or give away single-use plastic shopping bags after this date. To read more, click here.

Do you support the single-use plastic bag ban? How will the ban affect your life?

Have you already adapted to a plastic bag-free life or will this mean big changes in your household? What are your tips and tricks for ensuring the ban doesn't cause havoc when you hit the shops?

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2 hours ago

Masonry Repointing

Tom from Traditional Stone

Repointing- renewing the mortar joints in masonry construction. This is necessary when the joints erode and recede over time due to weathering and other forces of nature.
Lime mortars are flexible, permeable, durable and self healing to a degree. Lime should be used for masonry repointing as this let's the structure breath.
Cement mortars should not be used for repointing over traditional lime mortar as they will damage the stonework by trapping moisture inside.

12 hours ago

Poll: Do you know the difference between a paper wasp and regular ones?

The Team from Wasp Wipeout

As we work to control and reduce wasp populations around New Zealand it is important to know which type of wasp you are targeting.

Is it a vespula wasp (German or common) or a paper wasp? Find out the difference here.

Once you know which type of wasp to target, the next step is to use the correct control method.

Do you know the difference between a paper wasp and regular ones?
  • 46.5% Yes
    46.5% Complete
  • 53.5% No
    53.5% Complete
660 votes