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Poll: Five new movies - five chances to win.

Stuff Pix

Vote for your favourite new release from Stuff Pix and you could win it to watch at your place. With so many movies ready to rent right now, there's something for everyone at Stuff Pix - check them out at stuffpix.co.nz today.

Five new movies - five chances to win.
  • 42.2% Thor: Ragnarok - Get some action on your couch
    42.2% Complete
  • 11.2% Fifty Shades Freed - Lose yourself
    11.2% Complete
  • 21.3% Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Join the rebellion
    21.3% Complete
  • 12.9% The Post - Enjoy the drama
    12.9% Complete
  • 12.3% I, Tonya - Beat the competition
    12.3% Complete
1139 votes
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17 hours ago

Photographs and custom photos for sale

Robbie from Westshore


I was wondering if anyone needs any professional photos done of them or pets in the outdoors.

Photos cost:
USB with 10 photos $30
USB with 20+ photos $60
Framed A3 $50

I do lanscapes and building photos as well for an extra $15

Send me a follow request on Instagram if you want to see anything


22 days ago


Collin from Hospital Hill

Have a number of packs of 16 different postcards which need to be posted to MPs and our DHB members.

They come with instructions of how and who to send them to, just need a few willing volunteers.
Cost - postage free to pollies and one stamp needed for envelope with set of cards for DHB members.

If you send me a pm (personal message) with your address i will drop a pack in you letterbox.

A sample attached

1 day ago

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