195 days ago

Our War Memorial

Jet from Ahuriri

Dear Kirsten Wise I acknowledge and appreciate you owning up to your mistake regarding our War Memorial in todays paper but pertinent questions remain. I feel compelled to express that as a councillor should it not be your job to make sure before voting on anything concerning the great people of Napier that you have all the facts and take into account our wishes. How can we now trust any councillor knowing you did not do due dilligence before making such a controversial vote. The history was available for anyone to research and our older citizens made the facts very clear but were dismissed as if they were just an annoyance.

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3 hours ago

How will this affect your wages?

The Team from ACC New Zealand

For most workers, part of your wage goes to ACC. We’re proposing you pay more because accidents and medical costs have gone up. If you’re a wage earner, these proposals could affect you.

Learn about all the proposals and have your say at our site by October 25.
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1 day ago

Reminder for motorists this long weekend

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Note on speed threshold: Over the holiday period – 4pm on Friday 19 October to 6am on Tuesday 23 October 2018 – if you're detected by a safe speed camera exceeding the posted speed limit by more than 4 km/h, you are highly likely to be ticketed.

Police and the NZ Transport Agency are reminding people to start their journey well rested and stay safe on the roads if they are going away for the long weekend.

“Share the road like it’s your family driving around you,” says Superintendent Steve Greally, National Manager Road Policing. “This is where Police’s focus remains as well. We know the four main behaviours that contribute to death and serious injury on our roads are people driving distracted, drivers impaired by fatigue, drugs, or alcohol, drivers speeding, and people not wearing their seatbelt.

Statistics: During Labour weekend in 2017 there were five fatal crashes and 76 reported injury crashes. These crashes resulted in six deaths, 23 serious injuries and 103 minor injuries.

In 2017, fatigue was a contributing factor in 32 fatal crashes and 100 serious injury crashes. Driver fatigue is difficult to identify or recognise as contributing to a crash. This means it’s likely that fatigue is under-recorded, and contributes to more crashes than we realise.

1 day ago

Its Time!

Collin from Hospital Hill

Time to start sorting candidate questions for next year's election of councillors:  Pauline has started the ball rolling and we all need to get a handle on whether continual exposure to endocrine disruptors like chlorine is the preferred choice.

Or do you want to choose Councillors who will push for the good quality water that we have had historically - no chemicals added?