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Our War Memorial

Jet from Ahuriri

Dear Kirsten Wise I acknowledge and appreciate you owning up to your mistake regarding our War Memorial in todays paper but pertinent questions remain. I feel compelled to express that as a councillor should it not be your job to make sure before voting on anything concerning the great people of Napier that you have all the facts and take into account our wishes. How can we now trust any councillor knowing you did not do due dilligence before making such a controversial vote. The history was available for anyone to research and our older citizens made the facts very clear but were dismissed as if they were just an annoyance.

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Trafalgar Europe on sale


Experience the real Europe & Britain in 2019 with Trafalgar.

From the hulking fjords in Norway that look as though they’ve been ripped straight from a J.R.R. Tolkien novel, to the quaint neighbourhoods of Spain where sangria flows as freely as the native tongue, Europe is a continent of many wonderful contrasts. See history come to life before your very eyes as you traverse the varied landscapes, marvel at the icons and find your happy place with a collection of real Trafalgar experiences that you can’t find on any other tour.

With 116 handcrafted itineraries and 220 cities, leave the guidebooks at home and let us show you the Real Europe and Britain.

Good people. Good times. Good everything. The Good Life.

Plus save up to 10%* when you book and pay in full before 31Jan 2019.

For more information visit your local travel agent, visit trafalgar.com or call 0800 484 333

*T&Cs apply. Refer to trafalgar.com/en-nz/destinations/europe or your travel agent for full offer details.
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Poll: What is New Zealand's favourite cake?

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

We want to crown New Zealand's favourite cake.

We asked some experts which cake they reckon Kiwis love the most - read their thoughts here.

So which is your favourite cake?

What is New Zealand's favourite cake?
  • 21.2% Banana
    21.2% Complete
  • 35.4% Carrot
    35.4% Complete
  • 6.1% Lemon
    6.1% Complete
  • 1% Orange
    1% Complete
  • 11% Chocolate
    11% Complete
  • 9.9% Chocolate Mudcake
    9.9% Complete
  • 2.9% Red Velvet
    2.9% Complete
  • 0.3% Marble
    0.3% Complete
  • 2.4% Sponge
    2.4% Complete
  • 4.2% Fruitcake
    4.2% Complete
  • 4.2% Black Forest
    4.2% Complete
  • 1.5% Madeira
    1.5% Complete
1349 votes
6 days ago

Poll: National day of action against plastic packaging

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Are you disgusted by the amount of unnecessary plastic packaging for products sold in supermarkets?

We've gotten rid of plastic bags from our supermarkets, but many shoppers reckon that should only be the beginning.

A national day of plastic protest has been organised, encouraging shoppers to unwrap and leave unnecessary plastic packaging behind at supermarkets.

To read more, click here.

Will you be taking part in the national day of action against plastic packaging?

National day of action against plastic packaging
  • 85.3% Yes, there's too much plastic packaging
    85.3% Complete
  • 14.7% No, I don't think it is an issue
    14.7% Complete
3788 votes