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Be aware of scammers

Kevin from Athena Solutions & Services Ltd

Please be aware scammers are currently targeting pc/email users by imitating antivirus companies, such as McAfee and Norton saying your subscription has expired and you need to renew.
I have also come across one other this week were the customer received 4 emails supposedly from Apple/iCloud informing them that they had run out of space and needed to purchase more by clicking on the link, there is also one other doing the rounds this month which claims to be from the Inland Revenue informing you that you have qualified for the cost of living payment, but is in fact a scam email.
Please make sure you check the legitimacy of any emails that you might get like the above,
One way to check is to look at the address that the email came from you can see this in the top header of the email, if it's not visible click on the name or image that shows the name, and it will pop up the actual email that sent it as shown in the two attached images.
The one from 2degrees is legitimate and the one from IRD is not as the email address is not even vaguely related to the inland revenue.

If in doubt there are 3 golden rules I encourage my customers to follow.
1. If it looks or sound too good to be true then it is, walk away!
2. If your in any way uncomfortable, unsure or just feel a little off about an email or request that's come your way (including by phone) then ignore it and if its legitimate they will find another way to contact you.
3. If you do accidently or inadvertently click on or give away any details that may compromise you or your bank accounts then stop, take a breath and contact your bank to put a lock on your cards/accounts and then contact a professional to look at your device/PC and check it out,

If in any doubt or have questions give me a call, advice is always free over the phone and if I can help I will.

Stay safe everyone and hope you have an enjoy the rest of the day.

Athena Solutions & Services Ltd
0223 521 402

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