33 days ago

Sensitive to chlorine in the shower

Maria from Betta Water Filtration

This is a shower head removed in Te Puke. It's owner suffered from dryness on his face and head and lower legs. After his first shower with a filter he stated it's the first time he went to bed and didn't itch with dry skin! He concluded it was money well spent! Similarly a young woman in Papamoa was avoiding showering because it stung her head and her skin would turn bright red. After installing a simple filtered shower head she stated " it's the best shower I've ever had"
If chemicals like chlorine can eat away at this plastic shower head, imagine the effects on your body exposed to treated water every day, year after year.

Betta Water = Betta Health

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14 hours ago

Freeview aerial install

Kevin from Bethlehem

Hi all, looking for some recommendations for a good reliable installer for fitting a freeview aerial to our house in Bethlehem. Thanks.

4 days ago

School subjects.

NumberWorks'nWords Tauranga

What do you think should be introduced or reintroduced as part of the curriculum in modern day schools?

3 hours ago

Share your views with us

Communications from Tauranga City Council

We’re gathering all your feedback and working hard to ensure the Government is aware of our community’s concerns. So please make sure you share your thoughts with us before 5pm on Monday, 27 September. All feedback will be collated and presented to commissioners at the Council meeting on Monday, 4 October – you’re welcome to listen in via the live stream on our website.

As a reminder, this is a Government-led initiative. At this stage, councils are not being asked to make a decision to opt-in or out, but to provide the Government with their community's views – so make sure your voice is heard.

Find out more: www.tauranga.govt.nz...