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Lawn Mower Victa Bronco Model 475

Robyn from Bethlehem

Victa Bronco Model 475, Briggs & Stratton motor, 148cc.
4 Stroke, Alloy body, Easy start.
Excellent condition.
Recently serviced.
Hasn't been used much over the last couple of years. In fact it is no longer needed as we now have a contractor mowing our lawns. (We are too old and not able to mow lawns any more).

Price: $250

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"The Journey", by Brandon Bays.

Peter from Bellevue

This book and process has been around for many years and still it is just absolutely amazing to what can happen when you are going on "The Journey".

What is “The Journey” ? Have you ever heard about this book or process? it is worth reading about it at least, fascinating process to do even more so.
“The Journey” is a way of helping to heal your life and set yourself free from the results of thought patterns that have been causing stress, tension, pain or dis-ease. These thought patterns will have been created from a past experiences and the memories of them still held in the body and affecting everyday life.

After being diagnosed with a football-sized tumour, experiencing her own personal journey of healing which led to a complete healing, Brandon Bays writes her story in a book named, “The Journey.” I highly recommend this book as a resource for people who wish to experience “The Journey Process”.

Journey sessions can be deeply transformative and have set thousands of people free from lifelong emotional and physical blocks. It can guide a person directly to the root cause of longstanding difficulties and then give them the tools to heal it completely. The changes that result in the mind and the body produce lasting results.

Journey sessions have the potential to powerfully heal and transform particular areas of your life, e.g. physical health, relationships, grief and trauma etc.

A journey session is guided by your own body wisdom and will allow you to let go of what you are ready to let go of. As most of us require healing in many different aspects of our lives and healing may be done in layers to protect the body and mind, it may require a series of sessions to achieve it.
Healing the body and mind … It all starts with a decision … Your decision

A decision that recognises that something in your life needs to be healed. It might be that something needs to change, something needs to be different or something needs to improve. Once you have made the decision to heal, I am here to support it by introducing you to Transformational Emotional and Cellular Level Healing in the Mind and Body (the experience of it). It is done by transforming the informational content in your body and mind.

My involvement is of the nature of guide, coach, facilitator, supporter and teacher and it is in this function I specialise in. I do my best to create a safe and supportive environment to support you.
No words can really describe how it works.
The only way for you to really get to know it … is in the experience itself.

This book with the front cover below can be purchased from Amazon.com and in most major book stores and is often available at public libraries. I suggest to everyone to get a copy from themselves.

If you curious and like to know more about how "The Journey" can change your life I offer for next few days a free of charge talk on the phone or maybe a 1/2 hour visit with me to help explain it all and to find out what is your biggest challenge for you to overcome at the moment, e.g. grief, anxiety, stress, depression, physical illness. So call now 020 41741215 to say hello and I am presently in Bethlehem, Tauranga. Looking forward to connect with you, Peter

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Why is breathing correctly so important?

Peter from Bellevue

Many people say that the do not breathe properly but do not why or how to change it, are you one of them? People's breathing pattern can range from often stopping breathing to very shallow breathing to fast anxious hyperventilating breathing and all in between.Why is there an art to it? What is there to know about it? Are you a little intrigued or curious to learn more?

I teach Transforming Breathwork, so what is that now?
Transforming Breathwork is a powerful process of personal development which utilises the breath as a tool for healing. Once learnt it can release physiological and psychological stress and transform life diminishing belief systems into life affirming ones. It can heal trauma held in the body or mind with a conscious connected breathing technique.

Once learned, it is a natural way to continually integrate all life events and the perceptions related to them. This means no longer being subject to the long-term suppression or build up of stress, tension and pain.

Transforming Breathwork teaches awareness and self observation, to be able to allow our feelings as they are to the point that we are thankful for them coming up so that we can come through them and go beyond them back to freedom. It brings back the ability to trust the process of life and to know that life is always working in our favour, even if it does not seem like it in the midst of the events that are happening around us at the time.

Breathing this way enables you to relax, experience peace and appreciation, freedom, and fill your body with fresh Life Energy every day.

"I have been searching maybe 10 years for my own spiritual thing, but now I have found the one. I just didn’t know that I carried all of my life the knowledge and tools for total relaxation and enlightenment. Amazing! For me the most amazing insight was how one session can change your whole outlook on life. Now I don’t fear to face all difficult situations in life. I just live and breathe them through.

I have eight years experience of different kinds of psychotherapy, and sometimes it was hard to evaluate if everything was worth all the money and effort because I couldn’t see any kind of concrete results. With breathing sessions you can see results immediately after a few sessions. You learn to do it by yourself.

Breathing sessions are also a wonderful way to feel intimate moments in a relationship. There are so many things that I would like to live through again in a different way. Breathing sessions offer possibilities to do so. I really feel that I have rebirthed. I just can’t say enough thanks. You helped me to find new life.
Kari, Psychologist and Teacher, Finland"

Some immediate benefits for you can be:

Just having more freedom, fun and simply a more enjoyable experience of living.
Stress level reduction and deep relaxation
Better health, more youthful vitality and energy
Emotional stability
Increased mental, perceptive and creative ability
Improved personal relationships
Appreciation and peace, compassion and lasting happiness
Expanding self awareness, leading to greater self appreciation
Induces personal growth and development
Enhances the awareness of personal growth

Why Some Breathing Problems are Common

Most people tend to under breathe due to incorrect beliefs and fears that develop out of the interpretation of past experiences and when held back by under breathing cause pain and dis-ease in the mind and body. These suppressing beliefs also relate directly to the responses, reactions, defences and decisions we make in our lives. Some people hyperventilate which means they take in too much air that is not used by the body effectively, and is often associated with a belief system that causes anxiety and beliefs that they could miss out on life experiences that are valued by them. Therefore, they try to prevent anything from interfering with their goal of having these life experiences.
Transforming Your Beliefs With Breathwork

Transforming beliefs with Breathwork brings health and appreciation into your life, and one of the greatest benefits of this kind of breathing is that once you learn how to do it you have a valuable skill that enables you to use it for the rest of your life.

As the breathing mechanism is designed to eliminate a high volume of the body’s wastes, it is important to breathe fully in order to take optimum advantage of this natural cleansing process.

Receiving Breathing sessions is a valuable gift you can give yourself, your friends and family for emotional and physical health. Breathing is the secret to the life and health in the body and mind. Breathing sessions are for anyone who ever has tension, stress, or pain.

Transforming Breathwork is about surrendering to, honouring and allowing the healing force of your own aliveness, the wisdom and guidance of your own body. It is a way back to reviving who you are and how you see yourself, and to do so with a maximum of ease and pleasure and a minimum of struggle and resistance.

What is involved in a breathing session …

A breathing session is generally two to three hours long. Some time is spent discussing what is going on in your life and any concerns.

I offer guidance on how to connect your breath in order to release stress, tension or pain, how to remember, release and heal life-diminishing decisions you made from the beginning of your life until now.

I will be with you all of the time, listening … assisting you to connect your breath … supporting you to move gently through any resistance that arises.

Sometimes, affirmations appropriate to your current situation are spoken in order to support you to feel, express, release and heal long-buried emotion, sometimes laughter … sometimes tears. I encourage you to keep breathing until your breathing builds into a rhythm that is nurturing and relaxing, insightful and reviving.

The goal is to successfully integrate conscious, life-enhancing ways of thinking, breathing and being.

In the moment that a life-diminishing belief is changed or transformed to a life-enhancing belief, true healing begins.

What you have learned then is the Art and Science of Breathing and appreciating your life.

If you curious and like to know more about how Transformative Breathwork can change your life I offer for next few days a free of charge talk on the phone or maybe a 1/2 hour visit. So call now 020 41741215 to say hello and I am presently in Bethlehem, Tauranga. Looking forward to connect with you, Peter

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Have you ever heard of people offering Life coaching, what does that mean and why would that be helpful to you or a friend or a family member?

Peter from Bellevue

This series of Life Coaching I offer is based upon the teachings of Greg Neville ND, Australia who has spent over 20 years researching the emotional links to disease and what our body is trying to communicate to us through physical symptoms, stress, anxiety and depression. This is a structured process working with you in the most intuitive and holistic way possible and suited to your unique circumstances and understanding of yourself.

This is a purposeful series of Life Coaching sessions and is based on gaining understanding about how our psychological well being directly affects our physical and mental health. Sessions are based on the understanding that there are specific psychological triggers that cause health conditions and there are also ways of undoing or neutralising them with the aim to restore health and well being.

During your Life Coaching sessions I use a method to find out what existing beliefs systems you have that may be causing psychological stress and your current health conditions. I provide education on what may cause depression, anxiety and psychological stress and health conditions.

I address the causes of psychological stress from belief systems that are currently common in society and explore how these belief systems effect our lives.

Correcting belief systems that cause stress is what leads to more happiness and appreciation as life unfolds, even when times are difficult and more challenging.

I also will be looking into other aspects of life and offer you suggestions that may be of assistance to you regarding lifestyle, diet, physical health, extra support that you may find helpful on your journey into a greater appreciation of life.

My aim is that you will gain understanding in what can reduce your psychological stress and mental and physical health problems, and that you will also gain appreciation of your true value and understand how vital your contribution is in this world – 100% valuable – no compromise.

If you curious and like to know more about how life coaching can change your life I offer for next few days a free of charge talk on the phone or maybe a 1/2 hour visit with me to help explain it all and to find out what is your biggest challenge for you to overcome at the moment, e.g. grief, anxiety, stress, depression, physical illness. So call now 020 41741215 to say hello and I am presently in Bethlehem, Tauranga. Looking forward to connect with you, Peter