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Books & People Are Great Change Catalysts

Alister from Dream Big New Zealand

🎧 We've been enjoying listening to an audiobook "Three Feet From Gold" by Greg Reid & Sharon Lechter. It's a modern day version of Napoleon Hill's classic "Think And Grow Rich" written to share the wisdom he acquired after interviewing the most successful business people in the United States ~100 years ago now. A journey that began when meeting the steel industry business tycoon Andrew Carnegie.
πŸ₯‡ "Three Feet From Gold" is full of pearls of wisdom from people who have created success in their lives. The consensus from successful goal achievers is pretty much don't listen to the OPINIONS of those who have not created success in the area you are interested in doing so (yet we do πŸ™„).
πŸ“š The below quote is attributed to the co-author of the book & holds some clues about who we should take advice from if we are looking to create success in life -
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Do you have a great eggplant recipe?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Dear neighbours,

Every month, NZ Gardener runs a series of tested reader recipes using a seasonal crop. We are now on the hunt for eggplant recipes, so send your best ones to mailbox@nzgardener.co.nz before January 30, 2022.

Every published recipe wins a copy of our special edition Homegrown Recipes.

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The Team Reporter from Stuff

Electrification of the motoring industry is not only inevitable, it is happening at a far faster rate than most people were probably expecting.

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