47 days ago

Pellet fires

Sandra from Green Island - Abbotsford

Hi guys. What's everyone's thoughts on pellet fires? Good, bad, cost, power usage? Any info that can help us make an informed decision. We have an average size 3 bedroom home.
It's time to replace our wood burner. We dont have a huge budget which may end up making the decision for us, especially if we had to go larger than we plan.

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1 day ago

cooking apples

Coral from North Dunedin

does anyone have cooking apples that I can buy?

21 hours ago

Have you seen this amazing garden?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

They had a vision for their property, but they also had three floods in 20 years. That didn't stop them pursuing the garden of their dreams though.

10 days ago


Debbie from South Dunedin

Hello fellow neighbors 😊 I have just a small lawn that I need someone on a regular basis to cut and do the edging, any suggestions please?